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Fresno Body Rubs


Our body is full of biological tissues and cells. Cells build muscles and these muscles make our bodies able to take the workloads for a very hectic long day. Therefore, human body needs some healing and stress discharging therapies. Massage are considered as integrated medicine in order to discharging those stresses from human mind and bodies. Blood circulation dysfunction, headaches, anxiety, back pain, digestive disorders, neck pain, nerve pain, stress and insomnia are might be ameliorated by massage.

There are too many types of massages in Fresno, CA. Here are some main types described. First and most common genre of massage is Swedish massage. When a person is very new to massage and want a full body massage this types of massage are provided by the spa and massage specialists in Fresno. Alike Swedish massage hot stone massage allows therapist to use their hands but also heated stone. Hot stone massage labelled as most suitable for people having muscle pain and stress and wish to be relaxed through therapeutics. Aromatherapy massage is another type of massage that consists of two different things to use by therapists. Aromatherapy allows people to use substances those are aromatic such like oils including jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, and peppermint oil. There are many other massages one can find out here in Fresno. The following specialized types of massages are found in the city of Fresno.

Erotic massage can also be titled as exotic massage. This massage therapy may end with sexual activities with the sensual therapist though almost in every therapeutic services having sex with therapist ladies is prohibited. Erotic massage and nuru massage means time to time similar with components and massage instruments. In Fresno there are many therapeutic services who deliver nuru and erotic massages by their well-trained lady therapists. Erotic and nuru massage heals human body and makes people stress free and relaxed. Here in nuru massage therapists use their hands and also another essence named nuru massage gel. Massage gel drives more sensation, sensual pleasure and proves the most relaxation of people body and mind.

Happy ending massage is another massage type where at the end the therapist and service receiver have sex. This happy ending massage allows to ultimate relaxation of body and mind. In some countries happy ending massage is declared illegal as its coined as prostitution. But it’s not illegal if there no illegal convictions arise. In Fresno there are four or five happy ending massage services including CA Relaxing Station, Sheer Bliss, Vanity Wax, and Thai Day Spa.

Body to body massage is also available here in Fresno. Body to body massage allows therapy receiver to make particular areas of body including thy, shoulders, neck, back, arm, feet, hands, and legs as well with those areas have much muscle. Fresno is a city of many spas and massage services, so that body to body massage services are also available here. The Body Crazy Boutique, CA Relaxing Station, La Peau Spa, Pure Zen Spa, and SkinRenew Laser Medical Center. These service centers have been providing body to body massage in the city of Fresno ensuring very good quality in services.


Body rubs service is another specialized massage service very compatible for the patients. There is some basic dissimilarity between massage and body rubs therapies. Despite dissimilarities body rubs and body massage are coined as nearly with same meaning. However, body rubs is simply rub peoples body and also be provided by both therapeutical and non-therapeutical specialists. The best body rubs services located in Fresno are Jade Massage, Debbie’s Massage, Moon Massage, Bobo Massage, Northern Thai Massage, and Yin and Yang Massage.

Another more specialized service is incall/outcall massage service. It’s all about giving services by the customers enhanced care. Incall massage service takes place when the therapy receiver goes towards a therapist or his/her service center. On the other, outcall is totally for making more comforting provisions of servicing. In outcall service a therapy receiver stays in his/her home and the therapist goes to therapy receivers home. In Fresno this also happens many times as the service providers are now more circumspect about their service receivers. In addition to this, every service center tries to get some of their trained therapists who would be ready for outcall services instantly. Among the incall/outcall massage services in Fresno the Hands and Stone Massage and Facial Spa, Angel Body Inc., and F & B Massage are best rated incall/outcall massage service providers

Frequently asked questions

What kind of massage suits me?

It depends, come and consult and the service specialists will suggest you one that best suits.

Do the massage service providers play slow background music at the time of session?

It will depend on persons will. Normally the service providers interested to play a background music of course according to patients age and stress intensity.

Do they play any meditation audios in time of session?

Yes, massage service centers manage meditation audios similar to the massage type. Also the therapist ladies perform therapy and talk just like the audio to the receiver then audio is normally switched off.

How the massage affects, will they hurt my body?

No, not at all. Massages are only for relieving your pains from your body and mind. Among the various types of massages deep tissue massage requires much strong squeezes but it never hurt your body. No way to be embarrassed.

If I fall asleep in the nuru massage session, is there any problem?

No. It’s all about to make your body and mind out of stress. Then if you sleep there is no problem with the therapist. The therapist won’t judge you with this.

If I snore at the time of massage?

It’s not a problem that you sleep at the time and snore. If your pains go away and you feel relaxed this is out happiness. The therapist also won’t mind.

How many sessions I have to continue one body to body massage?

It’s all about your feeling of pain and stress. If one session can make you relaxed and your muscles are activated, then it’s great for us. If not, you may take for more sessions. But normally all the types of massages are of one session at a time.

When should I not take any type of massage?

In the course of Covid-19 if you have flu or cold with frequent sneezing it would be better not to get any types of massages. As every massage requires very intimate, sensual, and deep touching getting massage service with any symptoms of flu is impossible.

How long the massage takes?

There is a brochure here. All the timetables are mentioned very clearly in the brochure. You may kindly have a look. The soft copy will be sent to your personal email so that you can plan before. Normal massage takes around fifty minutes, erotic massage has around ninety minutes, happy ending massage lasts for 30-60 minutes, nuru massage takes time of around one hour, body to body massage takes 40-50 minutes, and normally body rubs takes 30 minutes.

How much time you take for outcall massage service?

It depends on your location actually. However, we have more than ten therapists ready for outcall massage services. Therefore, you may not be worried about.

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